How geely waited for volvo

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Kommersant-quoted stats on Similar Stream are impressive:. Oct 04,  · Model X vs Volvo XC Discussion in 'Model X' started by AnOutsider, Oct 3, Volvo [Cars (My edit.)] is owned by Chinese-automaker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, aka Geely I Am trying not to sound ungrateful, but I truly wish I would have waited, or even rented another car Until My X came in.

Volvo developed the concept in Sweden, under the auspices of its new Chinese owner, Geely Holding. Built on a brand-new platform, the freshly engineered S90 gets new fuel-efficient powertrains. Each version holds a liter four-cylinder engine, offered three ways for North America.

Why China must raise its game to break into the European car market

Until Ford sold Volvo to China's Zhejiang Geely Automobile Group, the media frequently raised the possibility that the brand would disappear. Bergh, 65, won't discuss sales volume during the slump. Volvo, originally a Swedish auto manufacturer, was sold to Ford for $ billion dollars.

The word Volvo means "I Roll". In Ford sold Volvo to the Chinese motor manufacturer Geely Automobile. Welcome to the Reddit Volvo Club! Volvos are pretty neat. They have wheels, and a steering wheel, a horn and are made of metal boxes.

That's pretty good. Volvo Car is currently at the cusp of new beginning. Having finally broke free from Ford's stifling bureaucracy, who seriously limited Volvo's autonomy to build cars the way its engineers saw fit, Sweden's most famous automotive icon is now in better shape than ever before.

How geely waited for volvo
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Travelin' man became a Volvo sales star