How to write a nominate someone for an award

How to Write a Compelling Nomination

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Sample Nomination

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How to Nominate. The first step in making a nomination for a particular award is to become completely familiar with the requirements to be met by the candidate.

Receiving an award for one’s hard work is indeed one of the most deeply joyful moments that one can ever get in one’s life. However, we all know how hard it can be if someone comes to you and asks you for you to recommend them for an award nomination. Home / Nominate / Sample Nomination Sample Nomination Please note that all names and identifying information in the following nomination has been changed for the purposes of keeping the nominee and nominator anonymous.

It is with great pleasure to nominate Ms. Mary Nominee for consideration for the John Carroll University Staff Service Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness about. It is with great pleasure to nominate Ms. Mary Nominee for consideration for the John Carroll University Staff Service Award in recognition of her outstanding leadership and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness about issues of hunger in our community.

I have recently become aware that we have to nominate someone for this year's Best Salesman Award. I wish to nominate John Alan, who is highly eligible for this award. John exceeds the criteria for this award and has shown exceptional skills in the sales department.

How to write a nominate someone for an award
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